Friday, January 18, 2008

I want to brag a little on my son, Tyler. Tyler is such an awesome kid(I know most parents think that about their children), but there is something really special about Tyler. This is not to say that he is perfect, or never gets into trouble. He has qualities that I know the Lord will use in mighty way. He has such compassion for people. His spirit uplifts mine and those around him. I wish everyone could know him in the way we do. He is still shy at times, but he is turning into quite the young man. He has so much tenderness and love. He truly loves the Lord. I can't wait to see how the Lord will use him!! We are so blessed to have him be in our lives!

Need I say more?

Brotherly love

Emma loves to play with her big brother. I never knew how good Tyler would be as a big brother, but he is awesome! There is 7 years difference between them and I love it. He really is her protector! She is prissy and so girly, but her Tyler has taught her that she can hold her own. She loves to wrestle and she usually wins!

My New Lamps!!

Not that anyone cares, but I am so excited about my lamps that I feel I must share. I have been looking for buffet lamps and everything has just been too much! I went to Kirklands the other day with a friend and they had this set of lamps in the "as is" section. I asked the lady what was wrong and she said nothing, they had been returned. Anywho, she sold them to me for ...get this..$5 each. Isn't that awesome and they look so pretty. Brad couldn't have been prouder of me for finding a bargain :). I think they are a perfect addition to our home.

GiGi and Emma

Stockings all in a row!

Christmas was really great this year! All of my family came and stayed @ our home. It was fun seeing all the grandkids together. GiGi and PawPaw came and enjoyed every minute with the kids. Scott , Aimee and Jack came from Mississippi. Aimee is pregnant with their second, a girl, Maggie. She is due in March. Kevin and Maren were there. Sarah had to work. They are all at such fun ages. Jack-3, Maren-2, Emma-2, and Tyler the oldest of course, 9. I love having everyone together, it makes me miss them though!

Our New Car!

Finally, we got a new car. The Lord truly blessed us. It's been a long wait, but well worth it. It is really pretty and is really fun to drive.

It is a 2008 Honda Civic!

Braves Fanfest

For Christmas, Brad bought Tyler tickets to the Braves Fanfest. They were so excited to go in hopes of getting many autographs and pictures. Tyler took his ML baseball and his sharpie marker. Well, they stood in line for many hours before realizing that it was a 5 hour wait for one autograph. Disappointed, Tyler could wait no longer, they got out of the line and decided to walk around. Tyler did get one picture with a new player, but no autographs. It was a long exhausting day, but none the less, a fun day out with dad!

Let it snow!!

The 16th of January,2008, and we get our first "real" winter storm. Tyler had been praying hard. About 3 years ago, Uncle Kevin had given him a snow sled and he has been dying to use it. Well, he finally got his chance, he went sledding all morning Thursday,of course,dad had to get out there with him. This was Emma's first time seeing snow and she was okay as long as you were holding her. She and I both are sick, so we didn't get to go out and have fun with the boys. By Thursday afternoon, it was all gone. More predicted for Friday and Saturday!!