Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Say No.....

Just say NO.......easier said than done...right??? For a couple of months I cut out chocolate(which I love) and a lot of sugar in my life. I lost about 13 pounds and was starting to feel better about myself and how I looked and how I felt...........UGH!!!!!!!! AND THEN...........I FELL OFF OF THE WAGON........I KNOW.........HORRIBLE!!!!!! I have eaten my weight in sweets over the holidays and I am sick of it...NO MORE!!!!!! As of today those days are OVER....that's right CHOCOLATE......I'm done with you, we are officially broken up. Leave me alone......I do not want you to find me. I do not want you to haunt me in my dreams. I am OVER you!!!!!! I seriously feel like I have a relationship with sugar...LOL. So here goes......I am starting my new year off right.....MORE WATER, NO CHOCOLATE. I am telling you CHOCOLATE...it's for your own good and safety...for when you come around, I would only eat you.....you wouldn't have a chance to melt in my hand!!!!

P.S. I still love you

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas other than the fact that Tyler was and still is sick with the FLU. This will be a year he will always remember or rather one he would rather try to forget!!! Poor guy....felt so bad for him. Even through all of the hard times....I truly LOVE my life.....I wouldn't trade it for anyone else's. I am thankful for a husband that loves me, wonderful healthy, happy children. Parents who always take care of me. Wonderful brothers and their wives. Terrific nieces and nephew. A great church with a wonderful pastor. Awesome friends!!!

Year in Review 2010

WOW...I can not believe how fast this year went by. I must say though, I am ready to see it go. The last 2 years of our lives have been filled with many ups and downs. I am so very thankful the Lord has allowed us to be where we are and to be surrounded by the people we are surrounded with. We have truly learned throughout these times the friends that are truly ready to go to bat for us and have our back and are there to pick us up when we fall. Brad and I have learned a lot about each other and I truly love him more today than I did a year ago. We have experienced heartache like no other this year with the passing of "GREAT", Brad's grandmother. You know you expect in someway for your grandparents to die due to old age and sometimes I am sure for some that creates some sense of comfort knowing that they lived a long fruitfull life. Charlotte who we called "GREAT" was like no other woman I had ever met. Her death was harder on me than any other death I had experienced in my lifetime. I am tearing up just thinking about it. She was beautiful, she was kind, she was generous, she was caring, she was matter of fact, she was honest, she was hardworking, she was GREAT!!! I don't take for granted the 14 years I was priviledged to have been her granddaughter in law....although, she NEVER made me feel like an in law......if you were to ask all of the inlaws......they would all say the same thing. I am so thankful both of my children were loved by her. I am thankful we have so many wonderful memories of her to carry us through this life. Great, you are missed with each passing day!!!

This year has also brought some disappointment with Brad's job situation. We are still praying the Lord's will be done in our lives. We are diligently seeking HIS wisdom. The Lord knows all about it and we are trusting in HIM....although sometimes we ponder why?

WE are BLESSED beyond measure and truly know where our treasures are.

With this upcoming New Year just a few days away....there are SO MANY things I want to improve on and there are some goals that Brad and I want to attain. I am going to list some of them so I can keep myself accountable.

1. Become a better wife and mother. I strive at this daily...but fall so short in so many areas. My husband and children deserve for me to do better. I think a lot of this can be attained by becoming a better steward of studying God's word.

2. Be a better soul winner. I need to REALLY get REAL and serious about so many people dying and going to HELL and it is my obligation to tell them.

3. Be a better teacher to my children with homeschooling.

4. Be a better friend. I need to worry more about being there for others and being a blessing to them than to worry about being blessed.

5. Continue to lose weight. Really get focused again and be fit and trim by summer....and KEEP IT OFF.....also to encourage my husband to lose some weight.

6. Be MORE organized.


1. Become more financially stable

2. Purchase a home

3. Brad find a stable job ( I would love for him to find one he enjoys........I know selfish....but I want him to be happy)

4. Really build up my photography business!!!

Well....there are a few things to strive to be better at......I've got my work cut out for me because I know who I am dealing with....ME!!!

Take care and be thankful for each and every day the Lord hath made!!!