Friday, October 7, 2011

Dr. Visit

Wow...its been a WHILE!! I haven't felt much like blogging lately but I have been reading and keeping up with the awesome fall decorating ideas out there! I have been feeling so bad lately....and I finally put on my big girl panties and went to the Doctor today. I actually had a list made of all of the things I have been sweet Dr. laughed at me and thought it was great.......she actually took my list to keep in my file. I was really anxious about going, but thanks to my husbands nudging, I went. Come to find out I have another really bad urinary tract I have another appointment in 2 weeks to follow up with that..and if it is not cleared up, I will be sent to a specialist to have further testing done. One of which is a cancer test, to rule that out. The Dr. did a full hormone panel, a full thyroid panel and vitamin panel to see what could be causing some other problems I am experiencing. Will be several days before I hear back about that. I have been EXTREMELY exhausted, having trouble with my memory and concentration, cold all of the time, weight gain, all over body aches and several other things. So, I am hoping to find some answers...I mean, I don't want there to be anything wrong with me, but I know something is out of whack for sure. I have been wanting to pull out of everything just cause I feel so bad. I try to hide the pain I experience everyday. My poor family, they see how it is affecting me..and it affects them :( Anywho...say a prayer......that we can get it resolved and I can start feeling good again......too young to feel like this....haha!!!