Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A trip to Cenntenial Park!

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot in downtown Atlanta, so we loaded up everyone and my sister in law watched the kids for me @ Centennial Park. I didn't know they would get in the water, but they did and they had a blast. They didn't want to leave. It was my first time there and I want to go back. We had lunch at the CNN center. It was a really nice day!!! There is so much here right under my nose, I really need to start taking advantage of all of the beauty that surrounds us!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back home in Bainbridge

The kids and I went home for the week and enjoyed spending time with family. I still didn't have enough time to see everyone I wanted to see. We spent some time with "The Greats", Brad's grandparents, it is always good to see them. Just wanted to put up a few pictures from our trip.

Building Castles!!!

Well, for the last SEVERAL weeks, I have been so busy. Our church hosted our 4th annual Teen Conference and this year, I was in charge of decorating. I had big shoes to fill considering that the decorating in the past has been "out of this world." With the help of my builder, Greg, we accompished what we set out to do. I also had an incredible team of helpers. Greg spent over 300 hours building the set and as a team, countless hours putting it all together. Our theme this year was "Obtain thy Crown", 1 Corithians 9:25, "Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible." So naturally our decorations were medieval. God really had His hand in this. Everything turned out way better than I had anticipated. We had over 400 teenagers and the preachers were amazing. I wanted to share some pictures of everything. Please pray for our church, we are going through some tough times and Satan is very much at work, but our churchs' spirit is so sweet and humbled.
Oh yeah, by the way, the speakers rode in on horses, the castle had a real working drawbridge and iron gate, that went down and opened for the speakers to walk out on. The costumes were all handmade by two woman in our church. The entire thing was incredible.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 year olds????

What do 2 year olds think about? Emma put all of these colored tabs into the tv/vcr. I couldn't believe it. Now, the tv doesn't work. This is the only VCR we have left in the house and she loves to watch her "Baubie Movie"...Barbie! Anyway, this all happened first thing this morning after 2 nights of no sleep. This week has been completely exhausting for me. Emma is such a good little sleeper, but has been up the past 2 nights(all night..of and on). It completely drains me!! I feel as if I could just cry today. Next week is going to be so stressful for me that I am already dreading it. I am going to go back to Bainbridge to visit my mom and dad on the 13th. I am excited to see them and will enjoy the break from everything! Anyway, sorry to sound so negative today, things really aren't that bad, I just need to gain a new perspective.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just me and Emmaloo

Tyler loves the camera. He took this picture and asks to take pictures all of the time. I hope to be able to nurture that desire. He needs to work on his focusing, but he does a really good job framing people. Anywho, Emma is just now becoming a camera bug, she likes to be in pictures now and of course she always wants to take them too. Usually, it's like a picture of the ground or my chin or shirt or something, but cute, nevertheless. She had just gotten out of the shower and wanted to pose, so Tyler did the honors. My kids are the light of my life and the bring such joy to my life. I thank God every single day for the gift of their lives.

The Kiddos