Monday, June 23, 2008

Beach Project!

Well, we went to the Panama City beach with Brad's mom. I would like to say we had a blast, but unfortunately, we did not. I ended up getting sick with a stomach thing and spent Thursday and Friday, well.....sick!! Brad really did a good job taking care of the kids and letting them have a good time. I think I spent maybe a total of 3 hours on the beach, I know...terrible, isn't it? Drive all that way. Anyway, we have another beach trip planned to Pensacola next Monday with all of my family!! Let's hope no one gets sick or anything else. So here are the pictures from the beach!! The weather was so perfect. The kids did really well traveling!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Momma said there'd be days like this, my momma said!

Well, this weekend has been........expensive!!! I have been so clumsy and just stupid!! Sunday, we our dear friends, the Capes, over and dinner started out wonderfully. I over cooked the rice and I didn't cook enough, so I made more. I put too much water in it and it had to be drained. Then, Margaret went to put my pampered chef roaster in the sink and poured soap in it.......which you don't do, it will ruin it, then I went to blow the candles out that were in the center of my new table,I couldn't reach them, so I went to pick them up and spilt the HOT wax all over my arm, my BRAND NEW shirt and my favorite skirt. I mean all down the front!!! Then on Monday, I went to mow the grass and the mower cut out on me about half way into the front, so my ever so nice neighbor came over and offered for me to finish with his mower. ( A big John Deere, really nice) I was just a mowing when I came to Tyler's baseball thingy. It is a 4x4 beam that stands vertical and has a ball you hit and practice. Well, I hit it!!! Busted the hood of the lawnmower and now have to replace it this week. Brad was aggravated at first and said, Did you not see it right there in the middle of the yard?" That's my point....what is it doing in the middle of the yard.....JUST KIDDING, I am totally at fault, but Brad is being really sweet about it, he went and talked to our neighbor for me and is going to pay for my mistake. Anyway, just wanted to share my weekend. How was yours???