Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!! Let's make this new year GREAT!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!

I hear the Christmas music and I see the lights all a glow, but there seems to be a missing Christmas spirit this year! With Christmas being only a week away, it just feels weird. I find myself even not feeling so festive. I love this time of year and really love the feeling it brings,but something seems to be missing. Maybe because this season seems to be pushed right out the door as soon as it arrives. Christmas items are being put away and spring decor is hitting the shelves. Maybe its the realization that everyone is struggling and people are going into some serious debt to provide for their children this year. I guess a bad economy is bringing everyone down. I am so thankful that the Lord provided Brad a job. 7 months being layed off was truly a testing. I am thankful for my family. Healthy, happy children and a Christian husband that leads us in the right direction. I am so thankful for parents that gave me a Godly heritage and brothers that love the Lord and are serving Him. I am thankful for my Lord and Saviour, for with out Him, nothing would be possible! Jesus is the reason for the season! He is my reason for living, my reason for giving, the song in my heart. Christmas is not about the presents, it's about being in His presence! I wish more people would realize this and we should have the Christmas spirit 365 days a year. For with out this day, our Saviour would not have been born, to die for our sins and to save us from an everlasting Hell. We should be giving of ourselves, our time every day,not just the week of Christmas!! Christians should be the happiest people on the face of the earth. Even if my life were horrible every single day, I should be rejoicing because I will get to spend ETERNITY with Him. Christians nowadays don't show the world anything "different" in us. We are depressed, unhappy, sad, negative....why in the world would I want that? I want to be "different". I want the world to know that I am a Christian and it will be hard, there will be trials and devastation, but I have the Lord on my side. So let's celebrate......God gave is HIS son, Jesus gave us LIFE!! Praise the LORD!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So here it is!! My hubby purchased this comforter for me. I am so excited!! I think it will look so good with the black and cream toile I have in there!! I hope I get it SOON!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!

Entry room, play room!! Santa was a gift, so we had to display. Not big on putting out Santa's, but for the playroom, I felt it was appropriate!

Emma's cute little pink tree
Peacock feathers in the topper!! LOVE IT!

Table in kitchen

Here are a few pics from our Christmas decorations!

Bedroom quick re-do

I am a creature of change. It's true! I love to re~arrange things and redecorate. There is only ONE BIG PROBLEM. I don't have extra $$$ to spruce things up the way I would like, so I use what I have and re~purpose it if you will! As you already know, we live in a basement. Let me say, it is a VERY NICE basement. 3 bedrooms, large play room, living room, eat in kitchen, nice size kitchen, laundry room, walk in closets, nice big pantry, ceramic tile, burber carpet. There are only 3 drawbacks.......NO DISHWASHER, ONE BATHROOM and the privacy issue! But I can me!! So anywho, I wanted to move the furniture around in our bedroom and I did. I cut a toile drapery panel that I have had for 7 years and cut it for a table cloth, fabric for the vanity dresser and for some art work. We have a huge room and my king size bed looks small because I do not have a headboard. But I think it turned out great. We really would like a new comforter set, but that will have to wait. I do have one picked out, so when there is a little extra $$, maybe I can get it!
P.S. The pillar candle holder and the wall sconce, came from goodwill.....I just spray painted them black! Total cost of re-do......$0.96 9the cost of the black spray paint)

Emma loo's 4th birthday

Well, today 4 years ago, we were in the hospital awaiting our sweet daughter's birth. How time flies. I miss her in the baby stage so much, but love this time in her like right now, when things are being learned and conversations with her are absolutely hilarious! She is such a joy in our lives and we are so thankful God has blessed our lives another year with her. The sad thing is, she is SICK and doesn't feel too much like celebrating. It is Sunday and I am having to stay home with her. :( She was sick a week ago with this weird headache/fever thing for 5 days and now she has a full blown terrible cold (which I have now contracted). She got up this morning, ran into our room, we said Happy Birthday and she began to cry........I guess she doesn't like getting old. LOL!! Anywho, we got her into the living room, and Tyler brought her a little cake and we coaxed her in to opening her presents. She truly is an angel and we cherish every second with her. Here are a few pics form this morning. Now to get ready for Tyler's birthday in 4 days, he will be 11!!

Friday, November 27, 2009


That's right!! This was us sweeping over the small town of Bainbridge during Thanksgiving!! We left Tuesday evening, drove into the night and got there about 12:30 or so!! Spent Wednesday visiting great friends, Thursday visiting family and back home Thursday night!! It took us about 6 hours to get home on Thursday. As usual it was too quick of a trip and we didn't get to see a lot of our loved ones, but none the less, it was a great trip. Emma has had 2 MISERABLE nights, which means I haven't slept in 2 nights. She has a full blown cold! She was sick last week and now this. I feel so bad for her. I have the beginnings of a cold, but feel pretty good other than the sleep deprivation! It is freezing in our house. The heat is not working and the landlord is out of town!! Being in a basement, makes it A LOT colder!! Brrrrr!!! Anywho.....Emma's birthday is Sunday, Tyler's birthday is Thursday and I have NOTHING planned for either of them. With Emma being sick, having company over for her is up in the air right now!! I really want to go shopping today, but have no one to watch my kiddos. I REALLY need to put the tree up and get my house looking like CHRISTMAS! Brad is working 12 hours today and tomorrow!! I know this post is completely jumbled and really has no purpose other than for my sake to write everything down that needs to be taken care of. Did I mention it is COLD?? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and counted each and every one of your blessings!! Have a GREAT and BLESSED day!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I can not believe Thanksgiving is this week. I absolutely love this time of year. I am so very thankful for so many things in my life. Things I take for granted every single day of my life. This morning, outside is cold, damp and foggy, but I am warm and toasty in my house (basement..LOL). I have a hot pot of coffee on and my sweet children are sound asleep in their beds. My hubby has already left for WORK....praise the LORD! Just right there in that sentence, are blessings beyond measure. GOD is so good and always faithful to me!
I never gave an update about our ladies meeting. It was AMAZING! We had around 300 ladies in attendance and the spirit was so sweet. I did not get to hear all of the sessions,but from what I have heard from everyone else, they were incredible. I always love to hear Mrs. Hyles. This was our 4th year having her speak. She is so beautiful. I had the pleasure and honor of photographing her and Mrs. Cathy Berry. They were both so gracious to me. They both were so complimentary to me. Mrs. Hyles made me feel so special when she hugged and thanked me as I walked off the platform from singing. I KNOW right?? Having to sing in front of Mrs. Hyles....she is an amazing singer!! Anywho, I am so glad the Lord led me through that one!! Everything about the meeting was perfect. The decorations were simply breathtaking. Mrs. Sue ALWAYS out does herself . Georgia did a FANTASTIC job decorating and hosting the Pastor's wives. I could sit here and name so many ladies who gave of their talents.....let's just say......It was the best year ever!! Already looking forward to next year!
Well, we will be heading out tonight for South Georgia!! It will be a quick trip, but we are excited none the less. We will get to see my parents breifly before they head out for Mississippi and then I will get to see one of my dearest friends and then we will spend the day with the Williamson side of the family. Hope you all have an amazing week. Be thankful for EVERY blessing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas? Really?

I can not believe Christmas is seriously just around the corner. I LOVE this time of year, but man it sure comes around fast. Today is the 15th of November and I have to admit......the Christmas decorating bug has hit me. I always decorate the day after Thanksgiving, but I thought why not start now. I just put up a little tree in the dining area. It is too cute. It is a charlie brown tree and I spray painted a flower pot black, put the tree down in it and put moss to fill in. It is adorable and I don't even have the lights or bow on it yet!! I think I may wait on Brad to help me get some boxes unloaded...seems I have done something to my back and it HURTS!!! I just put on the crystal doorknobs (that came from my parent's 100 year old house) onto the shutter I have in the entry way. It makes a beautiful rack to hang things on. I will be sure to post pictures later. Sine we live in a basement.....(I am thankful, the LORD provided), I want to make it beautiful. One of my most favorite things to do is decorate for Christmas and it makes me a little sad this year that I do not have our house anymore to decorate. This will be the first time in my married life that I do not have a mantle to decorate....I know, ridiculous to be sad over this, right??? I know the Lord has a plan for us and I am so very thankful where we live and to not be stressed out about a huge house payment. Nevertheless, one thing I have ALWAYS strived for is to have our house feel like a HOME, wherever we live. Anywho, Brad had a REALLY good month in October at work. It would be amazing if he could do that every month....we'll see. Sure am proud of him!! Well, I guess I better get back to life. Just needed a minute to forget about laundry and dishes. Hope you all have a BLESSED day!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I believe.....

I believe.....

1. Jesus IS the only way to heaven.....despite what Oprah says!

2. people make salvation too only need chiild like faith!

3. in being a witness for my Lord and Saviour, even if it makes me an outcast

4. in tithing

5. in my life being about God and not about myself(although "I" get in the way too many times)

6. that being an adult is overrated....

7. that if you need alcohol to have a good time, something is missing from your life
8.people who don't have children (by choice, not by circumstance) are missing out on the greatest blessings and gifts one could ever have

9. in true and everlasting love

10. good music soothes the soul

11. pride cometh before the fall and an haughty spirit before destruction....

12. pride ruins great a many things

13. in friendship

14. in being a good steward of what God gives you simple things

16. when you tell someone you are going to pray for really do it!

17. I believe every woman looks better with a little makeup!!!

18. a hug and a kind word can make a difference in someones' life

19. in being a kind person

20. laughter is the best medicine

21. as kacee said perfectly...a black and white picture can sometimes say so much more than a color picture.

22. a picture is worth a thousand words and more

23. the essence of a child is in their smile
24. in using the talent(s) God gives you for HIS honor and glory

25. in having cookouts

26. that sometimes conversations need no words at all

27. in standing up for your friends

28. in FAMILY

29. in eating at the table together for EVERY meal

30. a wife's purpose is in her home(that doesn't mean you shouldn't work outside of the home)
31. in communication

32. in hand wriiten notes and letters......oh how we(this generation) have lost this art.
32. in raising the bar for the generation to come

33. in giving ALL of myself

34. in kids playing outside.....

35. in making things for people

36. character counts

37. in sharing

38. in forgiveness

39. in admitting when you are wrong

40. in biting your tongue

41. in having FUN ( good-clean fun)

42. in making your husband number one after God

43. children have a voice

44. in spanking

45. sometimes life isn't fair

46. having a stomach virus is the WORST kind of sick!

47. coffee without creamer isn't really it?

48. you should fall in love with your husband more and more everyday

49. children need to see their mom and dad hug and kiss

50. not everything is black and white

51. the sound of the ocean is calming

52. the smell of fesh cut grass gives me a rejuvinated feeling

53. that a person who hurts a child or a man that beats a woman is a COWARD!!

54. a dog really is man's best friend

55. life is good and I should count my blessings every single day of my life!!

Now, write about your beliefs. How many can you come up with?

Random Facts!!

I love these simple questionaires.......helps you get to know people!!

Where is your cell phone? In front of me on the desk

Your significant other? My handsome husband Brad. April will be 13 wonderful years as husband and wife. He is hardworking, loving and a great father!!

Your hair? Dark Blonde, straight, baby fine

Your favorite thing? I have lots of favorite camera, coffee, stationary, monogrammed things.....the list could go on and on

Your dream last night? I do not remember!!!

Your favorite drink? Soda----root beer, other than that, sweet tea

Your dream/goal? My dream is to one day own my own photography studio.

What room are you in? The play/catch-all/entry/room

Your hobby? photography

Where you want to be in 6 Yrs? Settled in a house and with Brad a good job!!! Times have been tough for us!

Where were you last night? Running around like crazy. Wal-mart to buy birthday gift, took Tyler to the birthday party, grocery store, came home, cooked supper, took Brad supper, picked Tyler up from the party.....WHEW!!!

Something that you aren't? I am NOT into sci-fi movies

Muffins? Strawberry Cheescake

Wish list item? A new camera!!! It is more than a wish, it is a NEED!! I am just about $4000 shy of getting one....LOL

Last thing you did? Kissed my hubby goodbye!!

TV? 18 and counting, CSI, most of the home decor shows and the cake decorating shows

Your pets? 1, a pastel calico named Callie

Friends? I have some great friends. Some of which have been LIFE LONG friends!!

Your life? Busy, Full, Blessed beyond measure

Your present mood? Feeling kinda mellow today.

Missing someone? Yes, I miss my mom!!!

Drinking? a cup of coffee with VANILLA CARAMEL BROWNIE creamer!

Your car? 2008 Honda Civic....

Something you're not wearing? earrings

Your favorite store? Hobby Lobby.

Your favorite color? PINK

The last time you cried? Saturday, when I saw Mrs. Valerie cry!!

Where do you go to over and over? church.

Favorite place to eat? Fast food~~~ Zaxby's, Chick-fil-A, Wendy's

Okay now it is your turn!!!

Well, the ladies meeting was a HUGE success. We had about 300 ladies in attendance. There was the sweetest spirit there all weekend. I didn't get to sit in on all of the sessions, actually, only got to hear Mrs. Hyles once. But my task that weekend was something else, so the Lord knows! The decorations were probably my favorite out of all of the years. It was simple and elegant. I heard great things about Mrs. Cathy Berry. I just love my church so much and am thankful to have a pastor that hosts wonderful meetings like this. Mrs. Hyles is always a pleasure to see and hear. She is a true "Picture of Grace". Can't wait to see what next year has in store. The Lord really blessed. On Monday prior to the meeting, my Pastor's wife, Mrs. Valerie, got laryngitis.......a serious case of it. I prayed for her so much(as did many others) and by Friday, although not 100%, she was able to sing and speak....incredible!!! She was feeling bad on Sunday(probably a mixture of sickness and shear exhaustion), but she is a trooper!! I am just so thankful and give GOD all of the praise and glory for a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet Baby Mykenna! Congratulations Tim and Becky. Thank you for letting me photograph your precious little girl!!


full steam ahead
Fig. onward with
full steam ahead
with all possible energy and enthusiasm

FULL STEAM AHEAD!! Seriously!! From today until after November 7th, my life is going to be super duper busy (in a good way).
Our Fall Ladies' Conference that our church host every year is next weekend. I love this time of the year. I love getting together with my friends and Sisters-in-Christ. I love being renewed and refreshed.
This year, I have the great honor of speaking to the teen girls. I am honored because I, by nature, am not a speaker. I will be speaking on Friday night as well as on Saturday. I am overwhelmed with humility and just pray I can be a blessing to those I will be talking to. I only want to bring honor and glory to my Heavenly Father! I also am pretty excited about the photo shoot I will be doing for the teen girls and for the Pastor's wives, along with singing in the ensemble, trio and solo, decorating and preparing to speak. Whew!!!! A lot to do!!! This year's theme is "PICTURE OF GRACE". Our colors this year are black, white, silver and purple. I am decorating the teen girl's room in black, white and fuschia. I am already preparing my heart for the LORD to do something great at this meeting. I need the LORD to work in my life and I pray right now for the LORD to soften every ladies' heart that will be in attendance. This year's speakers are Mrs. Beverly Hyles and Mrs. Cathy Berry! I will be sure to post an update!!

"How skillful the hands of the artist, who painted this picture of me, He saw with the eyes of a Master, how beautiful my LIFE could be. Where once was a portrait of gloom and despair, this MASTERPIECE hangs in it's place. It's signed with HIS BLOOD and it's framed with HIS GLORY, this beautiful PICTURE OF GRACE"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today, I was thinking about all of the wonderful blessings I have in my life. I take for granted every single day all that God has given me. I thought about all of the material earthly riches I have and the Lord has been good to me and then I thought about all of the little things that I have that clearly mean so much more to me than a new house, car or a big diamond ring. There is certainly nothing wrong with having those things. I truly believe God wants us to have the desires of our heart! For me, though, I sat and wrote down the things that I have that cannot be taken away by a bad economy or situation. Things that truly bring peace, contentment and happiness to me every single day. The wonder of our FIVE senses. We use these amazing abilities everyday and I dare say not a one of us truly think about this amazing miracle God equipped us with. Today, I want to share with you my favorite "5" things for each of my "5"senses. I would encourage you to do the same. It truly makes you appreciate what God gave us!!!

The Sense of Smell

1. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
2. I love the smell of rain.
3. I love the smell of fall.....pumpkin spices and candles.
4. I love the smell of fireplaces burning in the winter.
5. I love the smell of new babies. They all have that sweet aroma!!
The Sense of Taste

1. I love the taste of chocolate!!! Not dark, but milk chocolate!!
2. I love the taste of a good cup of coffee (with flavored creamer).
3. I love the taste of a steak and baked potato!
4. I love the taste of spicy, mexican food! I love flavor!
5. I love the taste of a good ole' glass of southern sweet tea!!

The Sense of Hearing

1. I love to listen to a thunderstorm and rain. Strange how something so dangerous at times can be so peaceful.
2. I love to hear my children laugh. I think laughter is the best medicine and it brings joy to my heart when I hear their laughter.
3. I love to hear the words, "I Love you!" Whether it be said by a family member or a friend, those words, I never take for granted when I hear.
4. SILENCE!!! Sometimes, I love to hear nothing. Sometimes we need to quiet our spirit so we can hear the LORD!
5. I love to listen to piano solos, acoustic guitar, or a string quartet.

The Sense of Seeing

1. I don't enjoy seeing someone cry, but I do thank God for the ability to see someone cry. I know that often times tears come from sorrow, guilt or fear. I always want to keep my sensitivity to someones's tears.
2. I love seeing the sun rise and the sun set. The beginning of a new day and the close to another day God gave me breath!
3. I love to see the ocean and it's vastness. It is beautiful and I can't wrap my mind around it.
4. I love to see the faces of the people I love. I try to memorize every detail.
5. I love to see people in love. It makes you realize how precious it is to have someone who loves you.
The Sense of Touch

1. I love the touch of my husband. The tender way he holds my hand.
2. I love the touch of comfy, warm socks on my often cold feet.
3. I love the touch of a baby's soft skin and wonder how anything can be so soft.
4. I love the touch of a my children. The way the pat you when they want you. The way Emma says,"Hold you!"
5. The touch of my mom. I love when my mom hugs me, even in my 30's, I love to be hugged by my mom.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well, I finally did it!! I finally purchased studio lights for my photography. I have not worked with lights in over 8 years, so I have a lot of remembering and learning to do. I still will specialize in outdoor/natural light photography, but purchased the lights to help broaden my horizons. Recently, I photographed a private school and it was pouring down rain. I so wish I had lights as a back up plan. Still took the pictures outside and they turned out, thank the Lord, but what a stressful morning that was. Well, if anyone has any tips or tricks....I could use all of the help I could get!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check it out!

Check out my photo share site.

God's Been Good

God has been so good to me!! I hope you take the time to listen to this song. When I look back over the last 7 months of my life, I can honestly say, I wouldn't have changed a thing. The valley was long and rough, but my Lord was with me all of the way. He taught me things that I needed to learn. I want to have the same relationship with Him when I am on the mountaintop as when I was in the valley. There are several good things about being in the valley. One is the closeness you feel to your Lord and Saviour. Oh, how often we forget how much we need Him when things are going our way. God has been my provider, my protector and He has proven himself over and over again in my life. I can't imagine going through life with out Him. I would love to hear how good God has been in your life. God's been good in my life!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Stand Redeemed!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love this man!!

I often am humbled by what an amazing life I have and I know it is only by the GRACE of GOD!! Why HE has blessed me so when I am so undeserving. I guess compared to the world's "standards" we may not have much, but according to God's standards, we are RICH!!! We see His mercies each and everyday. Brad recently started working again after being laid off for 6 1/2 months. It was hard, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have always known my husband was a man a character, but during this valley in our lives, he really proved to be the man I knew he already was. He is strong and smart and dedicated. He is honorable and humble. When I think about what a good husband and daddy he is, it just melts my heart. He loves me and I know it!! I just wanted to yell it from the mountaintops that I love him and am so proud of who he is!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Eight years ago today I was in Tallahassee, Florida attending classes in photography school. One of my classmates was outside talking to her mother when she ran in and told us a plane had hit a building in NYC. We had a small TV in one of our rooms and we scurried to find a channel that would work to see what was happening. We finally found one that was barely visible. Through the static, we could see one of the most horrific scenes I had ever witnessed thus far in my lifetime. Just then, plane number 2 hit! I literally thought I was going to be sick. I felt such a sense of doom and despair. Within 20 minutes, school was closed and we were all sent home. I had an hour commute back home and I cried the entire way home. I was all alone in my car and I couldn't wait to see my husband and hold my son. Although, this was many miles away from me, this was on our turf. My country!! The country I love, the country that stands for freedom, justice and liberty!! I remember the rest of the day and the next I sat GLUED in front of the TV watching and replaying the graphic scene over and over again. People crying, mourning, stunned, angry,scared, praying. Our country had turned for the most part to God. Attending church, praying, feeling more patriotic than ever before. Eight years later.......... 2009............our country isn't doing that so much anymore. Today I fear for our country, but not so much because of terrorism. I fear how our country will be when my children are adults. Oh, let us not forget those who have died for our freedom. Let's not forget those who are telling their loved ones goodbye. Let's not let these fallen heroes die in vain. AMERICA NEEDS ANOTHER AWAKENING!! We need to pray for our country that was once "IN GOD WE TRUST", that once was a CHRISTAIN nation, that now our own President won't even put his hand over his heart to pledge allegiance to the flag....the flag that was bought with blood!! I pray for our President!! What a great task he has on his shoulders...............HE NEEDS CHRIST OUR LORD to help him make wise decisions, decisions that will help our country, NOT HURT!!!! Our country is heading down a road that is going in the wrong direction! GOD has shown much grace and mercy to our nation! We live in AMERICA!!!!! The greatest country in the world! Where is Patriotism in our country, in this generation??? Last week in our neighborhood, the street was lined with flags. A soldier was returning home. There was a banner and ribbons. As we rode through and honked our horn and waived to him thanking him, I told my son who is almost 11......."Tyler, those are the REAL heroes." Not the baseball players, the football players, the actors.......NO, son! The ones that have given their lives for our freedom!!" As you think back to where you were on that faithful day 8 years ago........remember to say a pray. Our country needs to go back to it's roots. Our country needs to go back to being "ONE NATION UNDER GOD"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My little Emma is so artistic!! Her coloring and cutting are incredible!! She has excellent fine motor skills. I hope and pray she takes after my mom and brother artistically. The other day I gave her a picture of a turkey and set out her paints and left her to it!! When she finished, she ran into the room showing off her work(which she seemed to be very proud of). She had painted the turkey with all of these colors. I love this picture. Enjoy!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's that time of year again!!! Williamson Academy is now open for business. Tomorrow is officially our first day. We are excited to get started. Tyler will be in the 5th grade and I will start Emma this year. Emma is beside herself with excitement. God has been so good to us in allowing us the priviledge to homeschool. What an honor to stay home and teach my children. I pray daily for wisdom and guidance. There is a huge weight on my shoulders preparing my children for the future. Who knows what kind of future they will face. We are living in crazy times and I want them prepared in every possible way. First and foremost, I want them to love God and serve Him with all their heart, everything else will fall into place!! God is SO good!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Very First Cake made with FONDANT!!!

Well, I have been wanting to decorate a cake with fondant icing for like forever. I love those cake decorating shows. So here is my little 4 inch cake I made for a dear friend of mine. I think it turned out cute. I wish I had the proper tools, it would have made things a lot easier!! But anyways, here it is!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Picnic in the Park....

Well, Brad and I have had so much on our minds. We have been consumed with worry about him finding a job, we were seriuosly starting to feel physically sick. Brad came in the room Saturday morning and said,"Let's go on a picnic today." I was all over that idea. I said I can worry tomorrow, today, we are going to have fun!! The kids were super excited. Isn' t is amazing how we can get so wrapped up in the worries of life....we lose sight of what is most important. I mean, don't get me wrong, having a job is important...but just look at these pics of my healthy, happy kiddos!!! That is what it is all about!! We went to Suwannee Towne center and enjoyed our day!! Tyler and Brad played ball, Tyler and Emma played soccer, and Emma went to play in the spray grounds. We just relaxed and had a nice lunch!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! Did I mention I have a wonderful husband? Friday night he came over to me and gave me the biggest, sweetest hug and said...."You look like you could use a hug" Awww, I love him so much!!

The History