Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day!!

We spent Memorial day with our dear friends, Joel and Margaret and their 3 kids. They invited us to their family getaway/reunion at Amicolola Falls. We had such a great time, the weather was absolutley beautiful. We got there about 11 am and left about 7pm and then came to our house and played Dutch Blitz ( the best game ever) until about midnight! The kids played on the playground and Tyler and his friend Joel tried to see who could jump out off the swing the highest. What a fun day we spent together!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

At home!!

Here are a couple of pictures my mom just sent me from our visit home to Bainbridge. I can't believe how quickly my children are growing. It is so hard to believe Tyler will be 10 and Emma 3. God has really blessed my life inspite of me and all of my failures. The older I get the more I learn about myself, my strengths and weaknesses! If today were my last day on earth, I would die a very happy woman. "Life is not measured by days, but by moments.....cherish every precious moment you have."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Photo Shoot!!

I had a photo shoot the other day and I just wanted to share a few images. Nicole is such a beautiful girl and so natural in front of the camera! I had a blast with her and we turned it into a full day. I took over 200 pictures, and she looked amazing. I do love to take pictures. Sometimes, I really lose all confidence in myself and my ability to take pictures. I guess because I don't have a lot of equipment or time and money to invest in it, I loose sight of what I really love to do! One day, when my kids are grown, I can truly pursue my desire. Right now, though, I am enjoying being a mom and wife. I do cherish every opportunity to be able to take pictures and to create memories for people that they can cherish forever.

Scroll down to see a couple more pictures!