Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Brad turned 37 on March 25th!!!

We love you!!!

For those of you who don't know, Brad gets teased pretty harshly. He went on a men's trip last year with the men from church and there was a tinkerbell luggage tag on his suitcase(from our trip to disney), which fell into the wrong hands. For Christmas Brad got a tinkerbell brush, mirror and body soap set(which Emma loves) and for his birthday,well, you can see the cake decoration for yourself,which was given to him at a men's cookout!!


cheyney webb said...

Happy birthday Brad and Brandy. Ya'll are like Ryan and me. We both have birthdays in March too. Except I am older than Ryan. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. It is so great to see you and your darling kids.

Trace Gibson said...

That's right! You and Cheyney both have your birthdays in March...oh, good times. I wish I had more pictures of our highschool times (I've got a terrible memory, so everyone has to remind me of junk I should totally be able to remember). Oh, and the tinkerbell thing...that's pretty funny. Happy late birthday to you both!