Monday, June 23, 2008

Beach Project!

Well, we went to the Panama City beach with Brad's mom. I would like to say we had a blast, but unfortunately, we did not. I ended up getting sick with a stomach thing and spent Thursday and Friday, well.....sick!! Brad really did a good job taking care of the kids and letting them have a good time. I think I spent maybe a total of 3 hours on the beach, I know...terrible, isn't it? Drive all that way. Anyway, we have another beach trip planned to Pensacola next Monday with all of my family!! Let's hope no one gets sick or anything else. So here are the pictures from the beach!! The weather was so perfect. The kids did really well traveling!!


The Gourleys crazy and wild family affairs said...

Your pics. are amazing. That is my luck to get sick on such a trip as this also! Hopefully your next trip will make up for it.

Sue Sue said...

Precious children! Such a cute Family! And your pictures are great! Jad's wife enjoys photography too! Good to hear from you and glad to know you all are doing well! I love this blogging thing!
Mrs. Brenda (Sue Sue)