Monday, August 11, 2008

Too BIG for her britches!!

She is too much. Emma is such an entertainer and comedian. Tyler was my shy, softspoken child, Emma is COMPLETELY opposite. She now "poses" for pictures and she is always putting her hands on her hips. She will put her hands on her hips and punch one side of them out and give you this look like in this picture. She is sassy and so girly. I love it now, but wondering if she will give me trouble later. Her new word is beauty. She says, I like your necklace, it is so beauty. All of my friends, she asks,"Is that your daddy?" And she is referring to their husbands. She is really so cute. She cracks Tyler up all of the time. When she is mad at him, she calls him Tyler but usually she so sweetly calls him TyTy. She loves clothes, shoes and jewelry. What is she going to be like as a teenager? We are potty training right now.....i know she should've been trained a L O N G time ago, but I just haven't. She is my last and I want to keep her a baby forever, but I can save $40.00 a month on diapers!! Anyway, enough bragging about my priss-pot.


cheyney webb said...

Sassy! What a cutie. I hope one day I will get to see her sing "Where the boys are" and watch her melt all the boys' hearts.

The Piland Family said...

you nailed it! She is all that. Once we figure out Picasa we should have a couple hundred pics for you to waste time with! Love yall!pteuid