Monday, April 13, 2009

Wow, what a quick trip we made this weekend, but well worth it!! This past weekend was the Haire reunion down at Panama City Beach. We had been praying about being able to go...there were several reasons. We knew how important in was for Brad's grandmother. Well, the Lord answered our prayers and we were able to go and spend some time. I think the entire trip was about 48 hours and 17 of those hours were spent traveling. The kids were great and never once complained. We made the most of our time. It really was a funtrip. We met people I had never met before and that Brad hadn't seen in 20 years. Everyone loved meeting the kids and of course I was proud to show them off. We got to spend some time with Brad's dad and that was nice for Brad and the kids. Well, I have lots of pictures, but I will only post a few. I truly thank God for giving us a loving family on both sides. Although through the years there have been ups and downs, heartaches and sorrows, we are a blessed family to have so many people who love us!


~Holly~ said...

So nice to hear you all had a good time! We just got back from Bainbridge yesterday and had a great time as well! Jealous you guys got to go to the beach though! :D Have an awesome week and you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Trace Gibson said...

Love the new background and especially the beach picture of your family (where are you? behind the camera of course!) Seriously, it's breath-taking! Wish you lived closer so we could hire you to photograph our family!