Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moved but not 100% settled!!

Finally, we are all moved.  2 rooms still have boxes in them, but when you move from a 4 bedroom house to an kinda of run out of room to put things. I thought I was going to have plenty of space, but not so much!!  Anywho, God is good and we are giving HIM all of the glory for providing for our needs. He always has the perfect timing and always knows best. The apartment is good. Have to get used to the noise above us and hope we don't cause too many disturbances. Emma loves to high pitch scream when her and Tyler are playing (or fighting).  We still have to finish the playroom and our room and paint the play room and stair well. Here are a few pictures of what we have done so far. It is a basement apartment, so we only have 1 window and the backdoor has a window, so it can be pretty dark. In our room,you have absolutley NO idea what time of day it is....great room for sleeping in!! 

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~Holly~ said...

So glad to hear you are moved in!! What you've done with the place is beautiful so far!! :) Have a fabulous weekend!