Friday, October 7, 2011

Dr. Visit

Wow...its been a WHILE!! I haven't felt much like blogging lately but I have been reading and keeping up with the awesome fall decorating ideas out there! I have been feeling so bad lately....and I finally put on my big girl panties and went to the Doctor today. I actually had a list made of all of the things I have been sweet Dr. laughed at me and thought it was great.......she actually took my list to keep in my file. I was really anxious about going, but thanks to my husbands nudging, I went. Come to find out I have another really bad urinary tract I have another appointment in 2 weeks to follow up with that..and if it is not cleared up, I will be sent to a specialist to have further testing done. One of which is a cancer test, to rule that out. The Dr. did a full hormone panel, a full thyroid panel and vitamin panel to see what could be causing some other problems I am experiencing. Will be several days before I hear back about that. I have been EXTREMELY exhausted, having trouble with my memory and concentration, cold all of the time, weight gain, all over body aches and several other things. So, I am hoping to find some answers...I mean, I don't want there to be anything wrong with me, but I know something is out of whack for sure. I have been wanting to pull out of everything just cause I feel so bad. I try to hide the pain I experience everyday. My poor family, they see how it is affecting me..and it affects them :( Anywho...say a prayer......that we can get it resolved and I can start feeling good again......too young to feel like this....haha!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Brandy...I didn't know you had been feeling so bad! I'm so sorry! It's hard to be wife, mom, teacher, nurse all at the same time, especially when you don't feel well. I'm praying that God will give you His strength in your weakness, His peace in your anxiety, supernatural energy for your children, wellness for your sickness and a sweet sleep tonight. Love you! :)

brandy said...

@ are too sweet....sorry its taken so long to respond, I have gotten out of reading my blog for a while. I love blogging and looking at other blogs....just can't seem to make it a habit yet.....especially now that I am hooked on Pinterest...LOL.

I am feeling better. Praise the Lord, the test for cancer came back negative. They really aren't sure what is wrong. The only thing they can think it is is my endometriosis.

As far as all of the pain....two are thinking I have fibromyalgia.Which I have thought for many years just because of the pain and severe fatigue that I experience. Also, after x=rays, they found out that I have a completely straight natural curvature which is causing the lower vertebrates to carry all of the weight and support for my upper body therefore creating horrible lower back pain.

REMEDY....lose weight (which of today I have lost 15 lbs...woohoo...and I have 15 more to go. And to rebuild up my core and back muscles....won't put a curve in my spine, but with muscles built up and core strengthened, it will help support my spine. Also on a couple different meds for pain and inflammation....but I am feeling better!!!

Thanks for you prayers!!! I need each and everyone of them!!

Hope you are well....and I know you are getting excited for the holidays coming up!!


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