Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our 2 year check up @ almost 3!!

Today, I finally took Emma to the doctor today for her "2nd" year checkup. Keep in mind, she is almost 3! My children have been so blessed not to have been sick this last year. I am usually so good about keeping up with the kids' checkups, shots and whatnot! I have to admit, I was torn between doing her shots and not doing them. I have heard so much controversy about vaccinations. I didn't know which way to turn. I kept wondering if I was doing something morally wrong if I gave her shots. Well, finally, after much prayer and research and some encouragement from my sister in law, Sarah, Brad and I decided to continue with her vaccinations. Today they wanted to do 5, but I asked them to only do 2 and they were super sweet about it and we discussed it and Sarah(who went with me) helped me to decide which ones to give her now. She cried the worst when I had to get her undressed. So, 2 shots and a finger prick later, we are good. She weighs 27 lbs. and is 36 inches long(tall). She has not had any fever, just complaining about her legs being sore. She was much braver than I was, I had to leave the room and let Aunt Sarah hold her down. Thanks Sarah for going with us!!! Stick around, in about 4 months, I may need you again!! Lots of love to everyone and have a terrific night!

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The Piland Family said...

Both of our girls got shot up yesterday! Oh what FUN! Your MOY award is in the mail! ;)