Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God is so good! God is so good to me! Does anyone know that little praise hymn? I am sure many of you do. How simple the words, but how profound the statement. I have had A LOT on my mind lately and have felt consumed, overwhelmed and at times even attacked by satan himself. No matter the heartache, the concern, the trial, or the valley.....there is always a healing, a redemption, a mountaintop. I have learned so many things over the years and I have come to know one truth that has remained constant in my life.....God is ALWAYS there, He always protects, provides and answers prayers, sometimes in a different form then we would expect or even like! Nevertheless...HE IS, HE WAS, and HE ALWAYS WILL BE!! Just wanted to give praise today for all the things the Lord allows in my life...good or bad!


Holly McStay Paul said...

What you wrote is beautiful & inspiring! Thanks!! :)

Mrs. C :) said...

Your are so right Brandy! I have felt the exact same way in the last week with different things, but you know what, you are a smart lady if you can just look passed it all and just praise our Almighty God anyway! I am thankful that you have that outlook rather than getting too bogged down! I hate it when get stressed!! Love ya :)~

The Piland Family said...

Read Psalm 112

One of the most astounding, poignant, accurate, inspiring, humbling, simple, and perfect pieces of scripture to describe our intended reward for faithful righteousness.

Your post sends me running back to it for another helping.