Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Decorations and Party

Here is the tree. Since this picture I have added brown glass balls, glitter brown snowflakes and blue glass balls, all gifts from my sweet friend, Valerie! So all the "bare" spots are beautifully filled in now!
Here is one of the many ornaments I made for the tree this year. It was done it brown, blue, amber and gold!

This was the beverage jar Valerie let me borrow, I filled it with sweet tea, it was beautiful!

The table with all of the fabulous food!

Here are a few pics from the Christmas party I hosted at my house for the ladies of my church. We had so much fun and the food was incredible. The house really looked pretty and everyone looked fabulous in their UGLY christmas sweaters(which was the theme of the party). It is really cold here and I am really getting excited to have my family come for the week of Christmas. On a somber note, my pastor's wife, Mrs. Valerie, is going to be having surgery on Tuesday to remove the 2 masses in her colon. Please remember to pray for her and her family! God is still in control!


The Gourleys wild ride said...

BEAUTIFUL and yummy ;-)

Holly McStay Paul said...

Your house is absolutely beautiful! Love all of the decorations and're very talented!And just looking at your wonderful spread made me hungry! :) We will continue to pray for Mrs.Valerie and her family. God bless!

Mrs. C :) said...

Yes, your house did look beautiful.... and yes I was all jealous cause you can decorate way better than you laughter smarty pants!! See you act like I have no reason to be jealouse, but you decorate like awesome, you have pretty stuff anyhow, plus people give you stuff all the time for you beautiful why I am friends with someone I am so jealous of I don't know,......just kidding, really though that was fun and HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I have never in my life laughed so much!! Aaahhhhh it was all just pretty, and you did a fantastic job girl!! As always!!