Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Family,

Well another year has almost come and gone. For the Williamson Family it has been a pretty good year. We of course, like many other hard working Americans have felt the hurt of the economy. Nevertheless, we are blessed beyond measure. Blessed to live in this wonderful country that is "free" to me, but definately bought with a price by many others. I hope all of our men and woman serving our country have a blessed christmas. I can't imagine being away from my family and children during this time. I am also blessed with the gift of salvation. Something that was also "free" to me, but bought with a heavy price! I thank God he sent His only Son to die for my sins, past, present and future. I hope everyone takes the time this week to step away from the "commercialized christmas" we have around us and truly take hold on what a miracle this season really is. Jesus truly is the reason for the season! Happy Birthday Jesus! May all of our friends and family have a wonderful Christmas. We love you all!!

The Williamson Family

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Holly McStay Paul said...

Have a very Merry Christmas Brandy!! Enjoy the moments and may we all remember what this season is about...The Birth Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! God bless you and yours!!