Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vicarious Faith


/vaɪˈkɛəriəs, vɪ-/ Show Spelled
performed, exercised, received, or suffered in place ofanother: vicarious punishment.
taking the place of another person or thing; acting or servingas a substitute.

This morning my pastor preached a sermon that really struck a chord with me. I find myself always learning from him and his wisdom because I truly believe he seeks the truth and is a true man of God. Today he spoke on "Vicarious Faith". Exercising MY faith for the benefit of OTHERS. He posed questions like.....when was the last time you fasted for someone else? when did you last petition God to send whatever blessing HE had in store for you, to send to someone else? when was the last time you spent more time begging God to supply someone else's need above your own? WOW......when was the last time I truly wanted to see God use me for the benefit of someone else? For His blessings to flow to me and THROUGH ME. We read in the bible where the four men that took their friend to see Jesus to be healed. When they arrived, they couldn't get into the door to see Jesus, there were so many people there. They didn't give up. They thought outside of the box.....they wanted God to use their faith to heal their friend. So what did they do? They came in through the roof....Jesus healed their friend. That man benefited from their faith, their determination. Did they gain anything from it, other than getting to witness their friend being healed....NO!!! Matter of fact, they are nameless in the Bible.....because the only recognition that is important is GOD's!!!!
I do pray for others. I do beg God to use me.....but I am challenging myself to truly have vicarious faith. I want God to use me in a way that benefits others for HIS honor and glory....not for the praise of man.

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~Holly~ said...

WOW!! Amen! Thank you for sharing this Brandy! Love the look of your blog too! :)