Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lately lately I have been feeling confused.....pulled in many different directions......and questioning am I being stupid or wise?
I don't like being 35(tomorrow) and feeling so overwhelmed with decisions. Truly don't know which path to take......about a couple of different things going on right now. Sometimes I wish the Lord's will was written clearly on a wall somewhere. Really needing some guidance and direction.

Also, I have a praise.....they were able to remove ALL of the cancer from my dad's arm. WOOTWOOT!!! But now we have another prayer dad has been experiencing some severe abdominal pain for a few weeks now. Well, he went to the Dr., they ran some test and as of this morning, he was told he has an enlarged liver(which can only be caused by one of 3 things. Either liver disease, cancer, or heart problems) He is being sent to a specialist to have more test run and hopefully a diagnosis. Please continue to pray for him. He will be turning 68 in April!

So, as I mentioned above......I turn 35 tomorrow. Last year on my birthday I received a horrible phone call about our "GREAT"and they day after my birthday, our Great died. I am feeling so sad.....and don't feel much like celebrating. I miss her so much and just the mere thought of her, makes me cry!

Anywho......I am just so thankful, I have my Lord and Savior to take the petitions to! For HE knows the way all I have to do is follow!!!


Shanna said...

Will continue to pray for Daddy Jack and you my friend. We have an awesome God who is with us always and comforts us when nothing else can. I pray you have a blessed and special birthday tomorrow and your heart will be filled with love and will beable to rejoice in another year the Lord hath given you. Love You!

~Kacee~ said...

I hate it that your special day, your birthday is clouded by a sad memory like that. I hope that you will still have a great day despite-- as sweet as I know she was by all I have ever heard, she wouldn't want you to not celebrate your birthday with a heavy heart. I don't know what you are feeling-- but I do know that I think you are a pretty special lady-- and a mighty fantastic friend!! I am going to be praying for the Lord to either signal you some sign language or for the writing on the wall to show up! Your Dad & Mom will be in my prayers too--- hope to hear good news! love ya!