Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 year olds????

What do 2 year olds think about? Emma put all of these colored tabs into the tv/vcr. I couldn't believe it. Now, the tv doesn't work. This is the only VCR we have left in the house and she loves to watch her "Baubie Movie"...Barbie! Anyway, this all happened first thing this morning after 2 nights of no sleep. This week has been completely exhausting for me. Emma is such a good little sleeper, but has been up the past 2 nights(all night..of and on). It completely drains me!! I feel as if I could just cry today. Next week is going to be so stressful for me that I am already dreading it. I am going to go back to Bainbridge to visit my mom and dad on the 13th. I am excited to see them and will enjoy the break from everything! Anyway, sorry to sound so negative today, things really aren't that bad, I just need to gain a new perspective.


Adam said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're having a hard day! Chin up, you'll laugh about this later, right? Hey, you have to tell your cute Mom and Dad "hi" for me... Hang in there!

Adam said...

Oh, and since I didn't know you had a blog I didn't tag consider yourself "tagged" now! hee hee

Adam said...

Oh, and this is "Trace." I'm signed in under my husband's bad! Just so you don't get creeped out!