Monday, April 21, 2008

Back home in Bainbridge

The kids and I went home for the week and enjoyed spending time with family. I still didn't have enough time to see everyone I wanted to see. We spent some time with "The Greats", Brad's grandparents, it is always good to see them. Just wanted to put up a few pictures from our trip.


Scott Piland said...

The kids look great! I am working on trying to get our blogs linked together. I think I might have it figured out. More later.

Trace Gibson said...

GORGEOUS picture of your beautiful girl (hair in the wind, lake in the background, beautiful colors...)! I wish we lived closer so I could bribe you into teaching me how to take pictures like this. Your kids are too adorable.

Trace Gibson said...

I just checked out your brother's blog...hope no one minds! What an amazing and beautiful family he has! Those Pilands come from "good stock":) It's so fun to be able to peek in on old friends. I really like blogging sometimes.