Friday, October 30, 2009


full steam ahead
Fig. onward with
full steam ahead
with all possible energy and enthusiasm

FULL STEAM AHEAD!! Seriously!! From today until after November 7th, my life is going to be super duper busy (in a good way).
Our Fall Ladies' Conference that our church host every year is next weekend. I love this time of the year. I love getting together with my friends and Sisters-in-Christ. I love being renewed and refreshed.
This year, I have the great honor of speaking to the teen girls. I am honored because I, by nature, am not a speaker. I will be speaking on Friday night as well as on Saturday. I am overwhelmed with humility and just pray I can be a blessing to those I will be talking to. I only want to bring honor and glory to my Heavenly Father! I also am pretty excited about the photo shoot I will be doing for the teen girls and for the Pastor's wives, along with singing in the ensemble, trio and solo, decorating and preparing to speak. Whew!!!! A lot to do!!! This year's theme is "PICTURE OF GRACE". Our colors this year are black, white, silver and purple. I am decorating the teen girl's room in black, white and fuschia. I am already preparing my heart for the LORD to do something great at this meeting. I need the LORD to work in my life and I pray right now for the LORD to soften every ladies' heart that will be in attendance. This year's speakers are Mrs. Beverly Hyles and Mrs. Cathy Berry! I will be sure to post an update!!

"How skillful the hands of the artist, who painted this picture of me, He saw with the eyes of a Master, how beautiful my LIFE could be. Where once was a portrait of gloom and despair, this MASTERPIECE hangs in it's place. It's signed with HIS BLOOD and it's framed with HIS GLORY, this beautiful PICTURE OF GRACE"

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