Friday, January 15, 2010

Cough, Cough......sneeze!!

Whatever this dreadful virus is we have, I am SO OVER IT and ready for it to be gone!! I have had many colds before in my lifetime,but this.....takes the cake!! I am well on my way to week number 2 with this stuff. I can deal, ya know, but my sweet kiddos have it now and I feel so bad for them. I can tell I am getting better. I still have so much congestion and still sound like a man. Poor Tyler is hit with it bad right now, he is in the beginning stages, which might I add.......hit hard and furious! There has been no building up to a cold, it is just happens full blown! Emma is struggling as well! My concern was it turning into pneumonia for me, since I have had it twice before, but hopefully I have managed to keep that at bay! I am so ready for some warm weather! We have cabin fever. Since we live in a basement, it can get really bad. We have no windows to see outside and it can get very closed in! So warm weather is what the Dr. ordered! Well, now that I have gotten that off of my chest, I feel better!!!
I truly love my life. EVERYTHING about it is so great! I have a wonderful, hard working husband. Two adorable, well behaved children. Great family, friends! God has truly taken care of us.
On my heart today........all of the horror over in Haiti! What utter desperation and despair! Parents searching for children, children searching for parents, people trapped in fallen buildings. No water or food! Dead bodies riveting the streets!! I can not imagine. I am brokenhearted when I watch the news! A country already so poor!
Well, I need to get busy with school! Did I mention, I am also ready for summer break??? Tyler is working really hard and I am proud of him! I know it's not easy having me as a teacher and his dad as his principal.......but the kid takes everything with a grain of salt!! Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC FRIDAY and a great weekend!!!

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