Monday, January 11, 2010

Happenings in my world!!

I am I can't wait to feel better!!

I am thankful......for wonderful friends! All of the love I have felt this week, friends offering to cook, clean, run errands and then for the meds that were brought to me. I have felt loved!

From the kitchen.....not sure.....still having a hard time standing for long periods of time without getting winded! My house is mess, hasn't been cleaned since last Wed.

I am wearing......turtleneck, denim gauchos

I am hearing.....poor little Emma coughing and sniffling. I gave her this awful JUNK :(

Around the house......just me and Emmaloo......quiet! Tyler is at work with his daddy!

The rest of the week.....hopefully well enough to go to church on Wed., school and gotta get this house back in order!

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del said...

i like your entries and web layout :)