Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are you a stepping stone or a stumbling block?

"Some Christians are stumbling blocks to the world when they should be stepping stones."

So this quote leads me to think about what I am and who those are around me that I associate with?

I, as a Christian, know that I am a sinner and have to ask forgiveness everyday for either my actions, my words, my thoughts or things I didn't do that I should have. For the bible teaches us that knowing to do something and not doing it is a sin as well. Therefore, knowing these things about myself.....what am I to people?


noun \ˈste-piŋ-ˌstōn\

Definition of STEPPING-STONE

: a stone on which to step (as in crossing a stream)
: a means of progress or advancement

stum·bling block

noun \ˈstəm-bliŋ-\
: an obstacle to progress
: an impediment to belief or understanding :

So here I have the dictionary definitions of what the two mean. Not that we didn't know, but sometimes we need to see it on paper. So am I a stepping stone or a stumbling block?
Let's see......stepping stone....means of progress or my testimony what it should be in order to help someone progress in their Christian life? Is my testimony strong enough to help a lost soul come to KNOW Christ as their personal Saviour. Am I that stone that they can step on to be able to go where they need to go? Am I an encourager to the down in spirit? Am I a provider when a need arises? Do I help my church and church family when a something needs to be done? Sometimes in order to get from point a to point have to cross over.....sometimes what lies beneath you is hard and dangerous....maybe it's the rushing water with strong which you need some heavy strong stones to step on in order that you make it across. Am I that stone for someone to step on? Sometimes we must be USED......and spent. So these are some thought provoking questions. If we are honest, we will take these questions and ponder on them and prayerfully ask the Lord to help us to be a stepping stone for others. I truly have a desire to be a stepping stone......even though sometimes getting stepped on HURTS.

Stumbling obstacle!! I guess we could apply the same list of questions from above to go down here. An obstacle. Am I standing in someone's way? Is my "Christian" life discouraging someone because I am a FAKE? Am I hurting the cause of Christ? Am I trying to encourage someone to do wrong? There are many Christians out there living a like they are saints on Sunday and Wednesday night, but throughout the rest of the like the devil. Am I "ONE" of those Christians? Oh how dangerous it can be to be a stumbling block to someone. Am I leading someone down the wrong path by tempting them to do something that is wrong? Is my attitude an obstacle...does it get in the way of someone trying to do the Lord's will?

There are SO MANY things that we must ask ourselves.....truly be transparent and ask ourselves. Are you surrounding yourself with people that are stumbling blocks or stepping stones in your life? There are folks that I know that try to put on this holier than thou attitude, but truly are stumbling blocks in my life. Often times I get so frustrated.......but my Lord knows all about it. God sees the heart of a man......and judgment will come by HIS time, not mine.......and I will be judged as well for the person I am. Oh Lord, help me to die daily........if I am hindering someone from being a better me to move from in front of them to underneath their feet.


~Holly~ said...

LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing!! You are truly a stepping stone and I thank God for you! :)

~Kacee~ said...

You are SO NOT a stumbling block far from that it's ridiculous. I look up to you sis.....this post is definitely a great post to re-examine yourself as to the role you play!