Monday, January 3, 2011

Not just a window........

Did you know how precious a window is? When you open one up, you can feel the cool breeze on a fall day. You can smell fresh cut grass and hear the crickets in the summer . In the winter you can sit by the fire, sipping hot cocoa and watch as each precious ornate snowflake falls slowly to the ground. For those of you who have windows you probably don't think twice about them(unless it was about complaining because you had to clean them). I really never gave them much thought when I had a house full of them. Now that we live in a basement and do not have any windows......I now know what a blessing it was to have them and I now will Never Ever....take having windows for granted in my house.

Having had sickness in our house the last couple of weeks.....OH HOW I WISH I HAD A WINDOW to open up and let some fresh air in and let some of this stale sick air out.

I know this is a simple hole in the wall covered by glass and a pane that can be beautiful when decorated with a gorgeous tapestry or window can let in SUNSHINE........So right now, go to your it and BREATH IN!!! See, enjoy what you have for one day it may be gone. We should find simple pleasures in our lives to enjoy. Just a window.........just a window!!! *SIGH*

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