Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where are we going? CRAZY!!!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Boy......sometimes I sure do feel like I am going to go insane. When we get in the car, Emma often asks me where we are going and I always answer her.....CRAZY!!! We are going crazy!!! Not only do I feel insane, but man, so many times I feel like such a bad parent!!!

Today has been...ONE of THOSE DAYS, ya know....the ones momma said there would be...haha!!! The kids have been at each other's throats today and it started from the moment they woke up. Tyler said something to Emma....Emma went balistic and where does that leave the looney bin!!! So, punishment, NO TV, NO XBOX, NO KINECT. CHORES AND SCHOOL ONLY!!! And, the worst part.....they aren't allowed to speak to each other AT ALL today. I am hoping by not being allowed to speak to each other, they will in turn realize how much they need each other and enjoy each other's company. Most days in my home are so peaceful but wow.....not today at least not this morning. Things have been better since they haven't been speaking and boy, the house sure is quiet.

I feel like a failure more times than not when it comes to parenting. I hope and pray that my children turn out in spite of me. I am thankful though that with the Lord failure isn't final and with HIS help, we will be able to raise well adjusted, healthy, happy children.

So, I will go now.....and put back on my straight jacket and sit in a corner and pray.....I need some solitary confinement where it is just me and my sweet Lord!!!


~Holly~ said...

LOL! You are so a good way! :) Never tried that approach, not being allowed to talk to each other. I am going to try that! :) You are a wonderful mother..."Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all."

cheyney webb said...

Thanks for your posts in being a mom and your testimony. It is a great reassurance to me and helps me to strive to be better too.


~Kacee~ said...

HA!!! Yes.....the creative parent in you is making her way thru...... kids do make you nuts sometimes.....hence, the very next day--- you were there in my kitchen as a child exited I had a 'little song and dance number' that help me rid myself of that negative energy and we had a great laugh!!! LOL Oh lord Brandy-- youre gonna make it, with or with out your sanity--- I think with your creative parenting and mine too....we should right a book.....and that would be business idea number 503!!