Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bedroom quick re-do

I am a creature of change. It's true! I love to re~arrange things and redecorate. There is only ONE BIG PROBLEM. I don't have extra $$$ to spruce things up the way I would like, so I use what I have and re~purpose it if you will! As you already know, we live in a basement. Let me say, it is a VERY NICE basement. 3 bedrooms, large play room, living room, eat in kitchen, nice size kitchen, laundry room, walk in closets, nice big pantry, ceramic tile, burber carpet. There are only 3 drawbacks.......NO DISHWASHER, ONE BATHROOM and the privacy issue! But I can me!! So anywho, I wanted to move the furniture around in our bedroom and I did. I cut a toile drapery panel that I have had for 7 years and cut it for a table cloth, fabric for the vanity dresser and for some art work. We have a huge room and my king size bed looks small because I do not have a headboard. But I think it turned out great. We really would like a new comforter set, but that will have to wait. I do have one picked out, so when there is a little extra $$, maybe I can get it!
P.S. The pillar candle holder and the wall sconce, came from goodwill.....I just spray painted them black! Total cost of re-do......$0.96 9the cost of the black spray paint)

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