Friday, November 13, 2009

I believe.....

I believe.....

1. Jesus IS the only way to heaven.....despite what Oprah says!

2. people make salvation too only need chiild like faith!

3. in being a witness for my Lord and Saviour, even if it makes me an outcast

4. in tithing

5. in my life being about God and not about myself(although "I" get in the way too many times)

6. that being an adult is overrated....

7. that if you need alcohol to have a good time, something is missing from your life
8.people who don't have children (by choice, not by circumstance) are missing out on the greatest blessings and gifts one could ever have

9. in true and everlasting love

10. good music soothes the soul

11. pride cometh before the fall and an haughty spirit before destruction....

12. pride ruins great a many things

13. in friendship

14. in being a good steward of what God gives you simple things

16. when you tell someone you are going to pray for really do it!

17. I believe every woman looks better with a little makeup!!!

18. a hug and a kind word can make a difference in someones' life

19. in being a kind person

20. laughter is the best medicine

21. as kacee said perfectly...a black and white picture can sometimes say so much more than a color picture.

22. a picture is worth a thousand words and more

23. the essence of a child is in their smile
24. in using the talent(s) God gives you for HIS honor and glory

25. in having cookouts

26. that sometimes conversations need no words at all

27. in standing up for your friends

28. in FAMILY

29. in eating at the table together for EVERY meal

30. a wife's purpose is in her home(that doesn't mean you shouldn't work outside of the home)
31. in communication

32. in hand wriiten notes and letters......oh how we(this generation) have lost this art.
32. in raising the bar for the generation to come

33. in giving ALL of myself

34. in kids playing outside.....

35. in making things for people

36. character counts

37. in sharing

38. in forgiveness

39. in admitting when you are wrong

40. in biting your tongue

41. in having FUN ( good-clean fun)

42. in making your husband number one after God

43. children have a voice

44. in spanking

45. sometimes life isn't fair

46. having a stomach virus is the WORST kind of sick!

47. coffee without creamer isn't really it?

48. you should fall in love with your husband more and more everyday

49. children need to see their mom and dad hug and kiss

50. not everything is black and white

51. the sound of the ocean is calming

52. the smell of fesh cut grass gives me a rejuvinated feeling

53. that a person who hurts a child or a man that beats a woman is a COWARD!!

54. a dog really is man's best friend

55. life is good and I should count my blessings every single day of my life!!

Now, write about your beliefs. How many can you come up with?

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AWE Brandy- TY for taking the time to post this!