Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I can not believe Thanksgiving is this week. I absolutely love this time of year. I am so very thankful for so many things in my life. Things I take for granted every single day of my life. This morning, outside is cold, damp and foggy, but I am warm and toasty in my house (basement..LOL). I have a hot pot of coffee on and my sweet children are sound asleep in their beds. My hubby has already left for WORK....praise the LORD! Just right there in that sentence, are blessings beyond measure. GOD is so good and always faithful to me!
I never gave an update about our ladies meeting. It was AMAZING! We had around 300 ladies in attendance and the spirit was so sweet. I did not get to hear all of the sessions,but from what I have heard from everyone else, they were incredible. I always love to hear Mrs. Hyles. This was our 4th year having her speak. She is so beautiful. I had the pleasure and honor of photographing her and Mrs. Cathy Berry. They were both so gracious to me. They both were so complimentary to me. Mrs. Hyles made me feel so special when she hugged and thanked me as I walked off the platform from singing. I KNOW right?? Having to sing in front of Mrs. Hyles....she is an amazing singer!! Anywho, I am so glad the Lord led me through that one!! Everything about the meeting was perfect. The decorations were simply breathtaking. Mrs. Sue ALWAYS out does herself . Georgia did a FANTASTIC job decorating and hosting the Pastor's wives. I could sit here and name so many ladies who gave of their talents.....let's just say......It was the best year ever!! Already looking forward to next year!
Well, we will be heading out tonight for South Georgia!! It will be a quick trip, but we are excited none the less. We will get to see my parents breifly before they head out for Mississippi and then I will get to see one of my dearest friends and then we will spend the day with the Williamson side of the family. Hope you all have an amazing week. Be thankful for EVERY blessing!

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